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Read our informative blog to learn more about personal injury, defective products and sexual abuse cases.Lawsuits currently being filed by individuals that believe Xarelto may be to blame for serious and fatal injuries that.

Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) Blood thinner Xarelto is linked to life-threatening, irreversible bleeding that has prompted thousands of lawsuits.

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Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a blood-thinning drug (anticoagulant) that is used to treat blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and pulmonary embolisms.A Xarelto lawsuit can help patients who took the blood thinner drug and suffered severe side effects like GI bleeding or even death.Manufacturers Engaged In Geurilla Marketing of Xarelto to Reap Enormous Profits.

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Adept Xarelto lawsuit lawyers are available for a first free consultation.The Schmidt Firm, PLLC is currently accepting Xarelto induced injury cases in all 50 states.Multi-District Litigation (MDL) Like a class action, the MDL process improves efficiency, reduces costs, and helps a large number of people with similar legal claims.

Instead of a class action, our attorneys file individual lawsuits.The outcome of these trials often helps expedite settlements or other resolutions for lawsuits with similar legal issues.Boynton suffered life threathening bleeding allegedly from the use of her Xarelto medication.Calgary class-action lawsuit against Bayer alleges negligence over Xarelto anticoagulant drug By.In addition, we typically work on contingency-fee agreements.

Monheit Law is filing Xarelto lawsuits for uncontrollable bleeding and wrongful death.If you suffered serious medical complications after taking Xarelto, contact our lawyers to determine if you may be eligible to file a Xarelto lawsuit.

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Patients who took Xarelto are filing lawsuits after the drug caused severe injuries and uncontrolled bleeding, a side effect with no antidote available.A source of information for all Xarelto lawsuits in the state of Mississippi.The drug has been linked to uncontrollable internal bleeding. Call 877.292.1500.

Contact an aggressive Long Island Xarelto lawsuit attorney now for a free consultation. (631) 451-7900.Manufacturers Failed to Alert the Public to the Major Complications Reported To It.Xarelto is Not Safer than Warfarin (Coumadin) But was Marketed as Being More Convenient.

A lawyer or attorney can determine if you are entitled to compensation.

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The advertisements failed to warn patients that there is no way to reverse the bleeding complications caused by the drug with antidote of which the effect could be permanently disabling, life threatening, or fatal.Xarelto can cause several types of internal and external bleeding in the brain, intestines, rectum and stomach.Warfarin has been a mainstay of anticoagulation therapy since the 1950s, but it is a problematic drug that requires frequent dosage adjustments and dietary restrictions.

It is often given to patients suffering from atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary.Prescription blood-thinner Xarelto is at the center of initial lawsuits that claim the drug causes uncontrolled bleeding that can lead to death.As with all blood thinners, there is a risk of bleeding but that risk has been found to be exacerbated while taking Xarelto.

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Warfarin had been on the market for over 50 years and required periodic monitoring with blood tests from the patients treating physicians.This medication is typically prescribed by cardiologists and hematologists for the treatment of blood clotting disorders, but it can also be prescribed in other circumstances, including.

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The anticoagulant Xarelto has been linked to serious and deadly side effects.Unlike warfarin, Xarelto is an easy-to-use pill taken once or twice a day.Xarelto is part of the new production of anti-coagulants that have been linked to fatal bleeding with no reversal agent causing a drug liability lawsuit.By January 2016, about 2,800 cases were pending in the court, plus hundreds of additional cases pending in a mass-tort in Pennsylvania state court.

Xarelto was brought to market in 2011 as a new anticoagulant treatment alternative to Warfarin.Our office has secured millions in verdicts and settlements for our clients nationwide.Please use the form below to contact our Defective Drug Litigation Group or call us toll-free 24 hours a day at (866) 920-0753.Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer of Xarelto alleging the drug is causing uncontrollable bleeding, strokes and even death.The number of lawsuits will grow due because more people are taking the drug and have bad reactions.

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