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This problem started about 2 weeks before I was suppose to start my period.Black tar period blood. blood when i pee or wipe then the day before and the after my period it the blood comes out like black tar.Normal cramping, a bit swollen in the abdomen nothing unusual there.

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I am 22 years old and I am engaged and have only had one partner as has he.Pregnancy causes the body to produce chemicals that actually make a very comfortable environment for cancer growth.Black stool is a condition in which the feces are very dark or black in color.The presence of urinary symptoms like frequent urination at times leads to a misdiagnosis of a urinary tract infection.So i spotted super lightly (like only 2 or 3 flecks on the toilet paper) for 2 days, now today I have brown sludge for most of the day and tonite next to nothing.I had a c section delivery about 5 months ago,since then my mens was usual.

Is the black color of the menstrual blood a concern. and the odd time looks like there a blood clot.I am trying to wait before having to go to the gp until the bleeding stops completely but I am wondering if I had a early miss.What O have noticed, and have noticed on one or two occasions in the past as my period winds down, is that I have a lot of dark brown, thick, tar-like discharge on the tampon.

But by the end of that week, what looked like my cycle had finally started.Actually it is usually a darker red to maroon in color but may appear as brown in color when a sanitary pad is changed as the blood degrades.It may be due to the menses being retained with the uterus or even in the vagina.My periods are normally irregular and having around a 32 day cycle however this started with a 26 day cycle.Serena For the past 2 periods I have a had black blood one day in the beginning and one day at the end however the last time it was black all the way through and my period started today with dark brown blood.Then back to a heavy dark brown spotting for about four or five more days.Btw the third pill was the start of my brown pills and I was already on my period.My periods are fine but this month I have seen black blood like periods every thing is fine only 3 days of.

However, it is always advisable to have it checked, preferably by a gynecologist.Severe pain with signs of shock and abnormal vaginal bleeding in a female within her reproductive years can also be an ectopic pregnancy.Such changes in the menstrual cycle can occur at times with severe stress.Bleeding in the upper part of the GI tract will most often cause black stools due to: Abnormal blood.A little over a week after that I had 2 days of a regular bleed.

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Pregnancy and cervical cancer would be the first considerations in your case but these symptoms could very well be due to other conditions.Also it only lasted about 3 days (which is abnormal for a period also).It is difficult to say but the first possibility that needs to be ruled out is pregnancy.It is possible this is related to an infection (pelvic inflammatory disease) or it could even be a sign of having miscarried.You could have a UTI (urinary tract infection) which may account for symptoms that could be mistaken for premenstrual.I bleed bright red when going to bathroom (number 2) and then it stops (no period bleeding).

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Recently though I have noticed I have been getting more extreme cramps and I am bleeding a dark brown to black.

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If it only happens once I would not worry, if it becomes frequent, you may want to get your hormone levels checked or be checked for endo.Almost two weeks ago (the 9th) I started to have brown discharge along with cramps and my breasts were swollen, the cramps only lasted for a day and then the swelling went away two days later.Only your doctor can say for sure why this is occurring, possibly after running further diagnostic investigations.

However, in older women the presence of brown vaginal bleeding raises the concerns about other conditions like uterine cancer.

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One of the main concerns though is cervical cancer which may present with all of the symptoms you have described above.

I had 2 miscarriages when younger, found out I was Resus 0-, I had the injection in my leg and for the last 5 years have been on the implant.This could be pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or even a hormone abnormality.

The Many Colors Of Your Menstrual Rainbow, Explained. which is why you might begin your period with blood that looks more like tar than.Louise get checked for anemia, sometimes absent periods are due to that.The flow does become much lighter and tapers off towards the end.Beth I had an IUI on Aug 29th then on Sept. 9-10 I had spotting and on the 11 I started my period. on the 12th it went away in the afternoon and I started spotting brown discharge which has been going on for 3 days now.The blood appears black when the blood is retained within the body for a longer period before excretion.I went to the gyno a few months ago and told them all this and they just did a normal check-up and said I am fine and there is nothing to worry about.